We had a wonderful day in Crimson! We worked together in the beginning of the day to build a castle. We were excited to be princesses and princes in our final creation.

During Learning Centre, we experimented with colours with Bernice and Helena. We blended different colour paint with Bernice and found that our colour combos produced a variety of new ones. Helena was doing bubble art with us as we added food colouring to water, blew bubbles with a straw, and then added the results onto the paper.

We have shown a lot of interest in Amanda’s insect book over the last week. Today, we found our favourite insects in the book and created them on paper. The 22 Spotted Ladybird was popular as was the Monarch Butterfly!

We also stayed busy with playing in the sandpit, using our gross motor skills on the spider web, puzzles, and listening to stories.

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