Today in the Aqua space we have been busy using our senses to explore the rice trays, finding the first letter of our names, or finding all the letters to complete the sequence. Children become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and gain confidence. This also fosters our language skills, encourages sharing and turn taking, and our sense of wellbeing, feeling the rice in our hands.

Spooky time, children have also got creative with marbles to make ghosts. They used their small muscles to move the marbles around the tray, and begin to explore the tradition and customs of ‘Halloween’.

Children have also had the opportunity to plant seeds, they learn about caring for the environment and what a seed needs to grow.

Spontaneous experiences from the children saw Euan and Max both making dinosaurs with the big blocks. They both made a diplodocus and went to name all the dinosaur they could think of.

Imri used the white board from group time and pretend to be the teacher. He sung the gathering song and drew his own idea of shapes, the sun and his name on the board.

The sandpit was another busy experience with Zachary, Oliver and Eleanor figuring out how to make the pipe stand up, then taking turns to pour the sand into the pipe.

Maddison used sticks to make a person, expressing ‘It’s a girl’. Ivaan and Dylin experimented with cause and effect, rolling the ball/wheel along the frame and watching as it worked its way down.


‘Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.’ – Mr. Rogers

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