Happy Wednesday from all of us in Emerald! We’ve had a lovely day today!

This morning the children participated in different group times with different educators where they sang their favourite songs, read books and played games!

After group time we had yoga. Today we focused on stretching up as tall as a tree and reaching down to touch our toes! Yoga is a fantastic way to enhance the children’s gross motor skills and encourage physical development whilst working on coordination and balance!

The children have done a lot of gluing and sticking today to work on their fine motor movements. We did this buy sticking ribbons onto our kites for decoration and helping stick cotton wool onto a big fluffy cloud for our rainbow display! It was so much fun getting our little fingers moving 😊

This week we have been planting more seeds! The children love to garden, they had a lot of fun poking holes into soil to put seeds and helping to water the plants around the garden! Looking after flowers and plants can help the children learn about how things grow and provide a better understanding of the world around them!

Great work today! 😊

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