The children in Emerald room love group times. The older children were invited to sing and read stories with Robyn and Liza to further develop their language.

We continued with spring themed activities. Today they were invited to make their own kite. Kids loved dabbing the paint brush into the paint and making marks on their paper cut outs.

In the other yard, with Robyn children have observed their plants and added soil where was needed following by watering the plants.

Our younger ones enjoyed making a tower with the paper boxes, they laughed every time they made a big tower

Doing yoga at an early age can help kids learn healthy lifestyle habits and set foundation for a fit suture.

Our little ones love being part of our daily yoga sessions.

As a part of our curriculum, kids were invited to practice their fine motor skills with the play dough and cutters.

During our free play, we explored inside and outside area. As we had sunny morning, we used it for some water play. J

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