What a lovely Thursday we’ve had in Emerald! With such beautiful weather we’ve spent most of our day outside.

This morning the children participated in group times where we sang nursery rhymes, read stories and played games. Group time is important for speech and language development as well as communication and social development!

Yoga this morning was great! The children practiced their listening skills and followed instructions very well to copy the different yoga poses! We love yoga, it’s fantastic for our physical development and balance. The children always have such happy faces during yoga, which they look forward to doing every day!

Today the children practiced their fine motor movements as they sorted coloured teddy bears into egg cartons with kitchen tongs! This was also a great activity for recognising colours and enhancing language too!

We got crafty with leaves today as the children created beautiful nature pictures with natural materials that we had picked up on a leaf hunt last week! The children also continued with their kites from the other day, making them look beautiful with coloured ribbons.

What fun 😊

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