There was a lot of exploring happening outside today. The children love playing with the bikes in the grass area. They use their large muscles to push themselves forward. Imri really enjoys sand play and today he was exploring by himself in the pit. He uses his small muscles to manipulate sand into the bucket.

Inside the music corner was a big hit today. The children asked the teacher to play some of their favorite songs. The children used their fabulous singing voices showing the teachers their cognitive skills as they remember the words and sing along loudly. They moved their bodies to the rhythm of the music.

The children joined on the mat before their small group times and talk about their weekend and to say hello to each other. Then they went to small groups to participate in Halloween activities. They made bat masks as well as ghosts to hang in the tree. Eliza showed us her beautiful skeleton dress. She is already excited to dress up for the Halloween party.

Nelson continues to work on gross motor skills with the children, they really enjoy his little class. They are jumping, running and kicking ball during his class.

We have had a fun filled Monday and are using our hats and apply sunscreen while in the garden as the days are getting warmer. Please remember your child needs a hat with their name on it daily.

Happy Monday to all aqua children, parents and teachers.

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