We engaged in Yoga this morning with Arturo. We showed our wonderful flexibility, concentration, and our ability to warm up our bodies and minds for the full day ahead.

Today, we had a discussion about our emotions. We talked about how our facial expressions help up to portray how we are feeling on the inside. Then, we created our own pictures of ourselves feeling different emotions. We cut them out and made them into stick puppets with the pop sticks with Isadora.

We have continued to express an interest in bugs. We created some spiders, butterflies, and bees today! We decorate each bug in our specific preferences as well talking about some of the favourite bugs we have seen in Amanda’s book.

Helena also continued to extend our interest in experimenting with new ways to mix colours. Today, we painted with hand made water colours. We liked to see the colours blend together. We noticed that it looked like we had made some abstract art!

We also stayed busy playing in the yard, building with the large connectors, and dancing along with the Bonkers Beat music.

We have Tennis this afternoon and looking forward to our science session with Justin and Shane tomorrow afternoon.

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