Welcome back to another week in Emerald room! This week we are very excited because we have officially started our Halloween craft! Spooky 😊

This Monday morning, we got the ball rolling with group time where we welcomed all the children, sang songs, played games and talked about the day of the week, the weather and a little bit about Halloween!

Yoga was lots of fun today too! The children enjoy participating every day and practicing their gross motor movements and enhancing balance and physical development! Well done everyone!

Today for our Halloween craft, we made some spooky pumpkins with paper plates and paint with sand! Such a fun sensory experience for the children to touch and feel. We also made some scary spiders with black paint and tissue paper! All of this fun art and craft will also enhance children’s fine motor skills as they continue to use their fingers to create these beautiful pieces of art!

We have also had fun with water today! We watered our plants to make sure they grow big and strong and we also had fun splashing in the garden! 😊

What a lovely start to the week!

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