Yoga and meditation were a highlight today. We have shown that we are in tune with our bodies as we move through the poses in the morning. We enjoyed doing some deep breathing and stretching in the afternoon during Yoga. Aabir showed a great “Namaste” position at the end with the sun shining down.

We were busy in the sandpit and yard today. We used our strong core muscles to sit on the tyre and keep our balance. Amariah, Indi, and Amanda enjoyed making an assortment of food for morning tea, lunch, and dinner.

We continued working on our insect, spider, and emotion crafts. We have been talking with Isadora about how we are feeling, making spooky spiders with Arturo, and grasshoppers with Amanda.

During one section of school readiness, we did a Halloween numeracy activity. We drew things like pumpkins, bats, and spiders. Then, we wrote the number of items underneath them!

We are looking forward to our science experiment with Justin and Shane today!


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