It’s a beautiful Tuesday and the Aqua children are enjoying a lot of exploring outside. With Nelson the children enjoyed some time at gross motor. Today they worked on strengthening their inner core. Today the children did the wheelbarrow with Nelson, in participating in this move it will help with this. The children love Nelsons class.

With Donna the children have been enjoying playing a Halloween game. We went on a pumpkin hunt. Donna went around the classroom hiding the balloon pumpkins and then the children used their cognitive skills to hunt and find them. The children had to be wise as Donna hide them in lots of different places, and some were hiding under the dolls bed.

At Gail’s group time the children had lots of Halloween activities, they used the rice and different objects like pumpkin heads pour the rice in. when using different objects to fill the rice in, the children are gaining skills that will help them understand measurements. How one thing can take a lot more than another.

Tima was helping our lovely student to celebrate Diwali. The children explored different lights and colors. It is celebrated by many different cultures in the northern hemisphere.

What a fun day we have had. We read stories with each other. Danced together. We played in the sand. The children played with our different Halloween playdough and made some new green Halloween dough. We got creative and colored and made Donna dinner at the kitchen area.

What a super fun day!!

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