With Halloween fast approaching, the children have been engaging in many related experiences. We have continued with the rice trays using different sized containers to create sounds while we learn about quantiles and strengthen our small muscles screwing lids, pouring rice through funnels and from container to container.

We have read many stories and a favourite with the children is ‘In the Dark, Dark Wood’ by Jessica Souhami, where follow the trail of a creepy white hand.

We invited the children to recreate the box and draw what they thought would be inside. Children used a fork to create the white hands.

Claudie made a very scary face with lightening. Max too made lightening and Dhwani a skeleton face, while Imri made his daddy and Eleanor two spooky skeletons. Oliver also made a big, big scary box with lightening.

Children also had the opportunity to develop hand eye coordination, with a very spooky, ghost toss. Using pumpkin balloons to throw into the ghost’s mouth.

We also did some stretching and controlled body movements to form poses during yoga today, while relaxing and caring for our wellbeing. As well as some gross motor where we followed an obstacle course, while matching colours.

Spontaneous experiences for today included, children making a volcano in the sand pit, using our fine motor to thread and cork and tongs floating. Harvey E making a ramp then running and jumping over, inviting friends to join him.

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