We had a lovely morning before Learning Centre. We enjoyed building a very long Mobilo and counting out the pieces we used for it. We also did some an alphabet puzzle where we connected the letters with the pictures. We also liked the building craft where we hammer in the pieces into the board!

We extended our interest in the colour mixing today with Helena. Instead of using brushes, we used droppers and experimented with how big or small we could make the drops on our paper.

Isadora continued to work on our feelings project. We sang different songs today about feelings. Then, we talked about how we can react when we are feeling those emotions. We can ask for a hug, cuddle a teddy bear, ask for a rest, etc.

Luca and Albert built a lovely fence using waffle blocks around the plants today. They then took the time to water the plants!  We were creative in the sandpit today and out in the yard. We created a restaurant in the sandpit and an aeroplane on the obstacle course.

Arturo and Amanda invited us to make some Halloween crafts. We continued with our spiders with Arturo and our Halloween counting with Amanda.

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