To start our day, we all gathered on the mat for group time. We did roll call and sang greeting songs like “Months of the year”.

It’s beginning to look at Halloween

We have read many stories and a favourite with the children is “Who Will Hunt My House on Halloween? By Jerry Pallotta and David Biedrzycki, Where’s Mrs Witch?

The children are making their own decorations for around the Aqua room. When asked what we should create the suggestions were ghost, witches, bats, spiders, brooms and pumpkins. This is great example of how the children are able to relate information from one learned experience to another. Children and educators looking forward to Halloween and enjoying all the different decorations and props they are creating.

We have continued with the rice trays using different sized containers to create sounds while we learn about quintiles’ and strengthen our small muscles screwing lids, pouring rice through funnels and from container to container.

Ben, Euan, Max, and Ivaan enjoyed making marks and patterns just running vehicles around the sand tray.

Next week, please feel free to bring anything that related to letter “Yy”.

Have lovely weekend!

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