What a beautiful sunny day we had today. The children wanted to play with the see saw’s today, they had lots of fun going up and down and using their large muscles to make it rock. Bikes were also a favourite in the garden this morning. Harvey E, Oscar T, James and Laura enjoyed riding them around the garden.

The sandpit is always a hit. Today Levi and Maksym had fun scooping and pouring as well as driving the small cars around the outside of the pit. Laura enjoyed exploring bugs, while Zoe got creative and drew a picture for home.

Archie had so much fun with teacher Louise, they sat on the balance beam and using fine motor skills they pushed the ball back and forth to each other. Great ball control Archie!!

The biggest hit at Aqua today was water play, Donna filled up the green tray and we used our boats to row in it. The children had so much fun and Donna could hear lots of singing happening around the tray. The children san ‘’Row Row Row your Boat’’. They shared the space with each other so well.

Lots of creative Halloween decoration’s been made and displayed in the room. We are all super excited about dressing up.

Thank you to Ivana and Zoe for sharing their weekend news!

Happy Monday Aqua Group!!

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