Happy Monday and welcome back to the start of another lovely week in Emerald!

We’ve all had a lovely day today and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the lovely weather. Today we had lots of group times – the children especially enjoyed their time with Charlie, our fabulous student, where they read books and sang songs using a felt board and props! It was so much fun 😊

Yoga was lots of fun and its always so great to see the children engaged and happy to join in with a fun activity that promotes physical development!

We continued with our Halloween arts and crafts today with some spooky bats and a witch’s broom! Such fun sensory activities that allowed the children to enhance their fine motor skills and take part in sensory play to encourage cognitive development and language!

Today has been a lovely day to read books, play with cars, sing, dance and play with musical instruments! So much fun 😊 see you tomorrow!

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