Happy Tuesday! It’s been another beautiful day here in Emerald. The children have enjoyed lots of activities and explored the environment indoors and outdoors.

We started our morning off with group time! We sang so many songs, read some lovely books and welcomed all our friends to the day. Yoga was a lot of fun today. We practiced being really tall trees and then slithery snakes. The children love getting involved and Yoga is a fantastic way to enhance physical development and gross motor skills.

Today we continued to make spooky bats! But this time with tea bags. We dipped the tea bags into the black paint and then onto the purple paper. Then we peeled away a spooky bat shape to see what we had created! The children loved the sensory play and enjoyed feeling the tea bags with their hands – so much fun!

Outside we have had a lot of fun stacking blocks and driving cars! Let’s do it all again tomorrow! 😊

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