It’s a sunny and beautiful day today. This morning kids is having fun listening to music and dancing in our music corner to the tune of “Bingo song” and the very famous frozen “let is go”, Harvey O., Dhwani, Laura, Julyanna, Claudie and Adeline are very happy jumping, clapping, wiggling their hips, waving their hands in the air, turning around and round and of course singing happily with everybody around.

Our thoughtful Archie bring us carrots to feed our gunnie pigs in the yard together with Harvey and Tima, they also have the chance to say hi and feed to our chunky chickens and watch them while they eat and seeing Archie and Harvey engaging and learning to feed our animals.

Having our group time is very fun, kids are all sitting beautifully and listening to the teachers awesome stories and seeing kids are very interested to listen and asking questions and giving their opinions to each of the stories, and also sharing and showing their own stories to all of their friends.

The day will not over if we are not having fun in our sandpit area, it is always a fun seeing all kids come and go play at the sandpit, they dig, moulding shapes using sand, making sand castle, and all fun and creating anything and using their imaginations by using all our sand toys.


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