Today we had a very exciting day with the incursion ‘A Little bit of Blue’, puppet show with Jenny.

It told the story of how a grandma, called police when ten dollars was stolen from her tea pot and her blue knitting. The detective came and explain how there are four points to follow; 1, look for clues, 2, point of entry, 3, look for fingerprints and 4, set a trap. With the children’s help and clues, they managed to draw a sketch of who they thought was responsible. Finally finding a bird’s nest and discovering it was a bower bird, who was in love and wanting to impress a girl bird with lots of blue.

Jenny also shared some information with the children about bower birds, such as they are found in Lane Cove national park and the boy bower collects blue things to display to a girl bird, and if she likes it, she will be his girlfriend.

Oliver shared he like the puppets best and Zachary the old lady. Freddy too liked the old lady and dog, while Eleanor, Imri and Finn all liked the bird. Archie also liked the kookaburra (the bower bird).

Spontaneous activities saw Oliver and Zachary holding a dog party in the sand pit. Imri and Archie enjoyed testing their skills, climbing the trees, and Eleanor was interested in holding a story time. Another popular choice by the children was using the balancing beam.

The more risks you allow children to take the better they learn to take care of themselves. – Roald Dahl

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