Today, we started with the group time. With Liza they read stories and with Jasmine we enjoyed doing the Bonkers beat. Children had the opportunity to practice their listening skills and enjoy in a good music.

Later on we had incursion with the puppets” A little bit of blue”.  Children had so much fun learning about Australian native birds. School incursions are making learning interactive and fun.

As sunny days are here, we tend to do lots of sand and water play. Kids are having fun splashing the water around and building in the sand pit.

Here in BBC we like to do yoga and we are encouraging kids as well to participate in yoga sessions. Yoga can enhance child’s strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem.

Every day, children have opportunity to look after our plants by watering it and checking the leaves.

During our free play, Billy choose to play with the trains, Bella with the connectors and Arno and Caleb loved playing in the cars, however some of us decided to make first steps here in nursery. Well done Iris 😊.

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