Today we started day with another welcome to a bright and exciting day with a preferred ‘Halloween “story.

There were lots of Halloween activities happening, the children listened to different Halloween stories. They spoke about what their costumes will be. With the children got creative and made their baby Ghosts with Stacey, while Gail’s group used their coordination skills to scoop and pour Halloween rice.


The children drew lines, circles and ghosts. Some children were able to talk about what they were drawing. The children also are learning to hold the scissors and snip, snip the paper (ghost).

This morning some of the children were enjoying pretend play which will help to develop social, emotional and cognitive development.

We used our concentration and gross motor skills in the “Yoga” with Louise.

We Fed the guinea pig after morning tea. The children are learning to take responsibility for their pets as well as learning about what they eat and how take care of the guinea pigs.

Today the educators set up another water play and the children enjoyed pouring the water in the spinner wheels. There are many benefits of playing with water, it will help the children develop eye-hand coordination, maths and science concepts. As well as social and emotional development.

It was a fun day and we are loving the warm weather, but please remember to bring a labelled hat for your child daily.

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