It is a beautiful Monday again at Aqua. The children have been having lots of fun together. They love exploring all areas of Aqua.

Today the children used their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination to roll, mould and shape the dough. They mad orange playdough like a ‘’Pumpkin’’ they all shouted when Donna came to look. Clever children!. They used some objects to explore the dough. They had mice, bugs and many more creatures to manipulate with today.  Playdough has many benefits, one of them is social, the children chatted about Halloween, their costume and many more topics while at the table.

Sand play was a big hit as always, Ivana, Izzah and Daniel sat and scooped the sand. They explore the sand on daily.

We all sat in our small group time’s and continue to explore many activities regarding Halloween. The children are super excited about the fancy dress party. Each day we hear about what their costume will be.

Ivana shared lovely pictures with us today, it was Ivana, Mom and Dad celebrating Diwali which was on Sunday the 27th of October. Ivana spoke about the lights in her home, her dress she wore and the sparkler she had in her hand.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful festival with all at Aqua! We hope you all had a lovely Diwali.

Please remember to provide a hat with your child’s name on it.

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