Our beautiful day began with extended group times! The children are showing greater interest in listening to stories and singing their favourite action songs. It was lovely to watch the littles once moving their bodies joyfully when they hear their favourite song!

The bubble play has been a prime interest of the day. They giggled and repeated the word ‘bubble’ as they chased and popped them!

They also enjoyed playing with the coloured sand and animal figurines. The children truly got engaged in their own learning and development as they actively interacted with the toys.

Billy decided to take all the books out of the basket and make his very own boat! Billy was found sitting into the basket moving back and forth as if he was rowing a boat!

Halloween themed shaker bottles were attraction for few of our Emerald children. They enjoyed spotting the various sized googly eyes into the colourful water.

The children also spent lovely time in the outdoor climbing up and down the equipment. They are becoming confident about their physical abilities and can jump from the low beam landing on their two feet!

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