Happy Friday! J

What a beautiful warm day we had today. Kids started with pretend play. some of them spent time in the home corner cooking their delicious meals and some putting the babies to sleep. Through cooperative play, kids are learning how to take turns, share responsibility and problem-solving.

Our learning centre stared with the group time. Children excitedly sat with Jasmine to explore her bag full of new toys, whilst with other educators kids sang their favourite songs.

We continued with our Halloween activities by making the spider web with the masking tape and sticking the spiders on it. What a lovely activity. J

Inside kids got to participate in playing with the play dough to polish their sensory skills. They loved poking, cutting and squishing.

During our free time, we explored our room. We practiced our gross motor skills by climbing and sliding, played with the colourful connectors and trains.

As summer is around the corner, we are enjoying hot weather outside by playing with the water and in the sand pit.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! J

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