This morning the children used spoons and containers to fill and pour out the rice, developing their sensory capabilities as well as demonstrating their hand and eye coordination. Some children were so creative and used the container to create a shake.

The children also showed a wonderful interest at bugs, exploring its shapes, structure of its bodies and colours.

They also had a chance to watch how the stairs are built during the morning, the children watched the builder from a distance, discussed and asked questions about the building process. They developed their language and cognitive skills.

Some children played inside at the home corner, they took turns and demonstrated pretended play. They used their sensory, social and collaboration skills.

At the group time, the children read stories about Halloween and discussed about the Halloween pot. Then they explored science using bi-carb and vinegar making bubbles exploding from the witch’s cup.

Some toddlers had wonderful time demonstrated their sensory and creative skills by painting pumpkin shaped paper, drawing, making baby ghost with balloon and decorating Halloween pumpkin.

Donna’s group had a lot of fun with bonker’s beat, everyone had a chance to take their turn at playing the drum they learnt about the rhythm and enjoyed the music. They also participated making necklaces exploring their sensory skills.


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