The children were engaged in all sort of activities. In the morning we invited our kids to feed Marshmallow. It is a great way to show kids how to look after the animals.  Every morning we start our learning centre with the group time.

We sang many songs and read our favourite books.

We continued with Halloween activities. Today we participated in making our own Frankenstein with handprint and paint. Children enjoyed cold paint on their hands and making marks on the paper.

Children were so excited when invited for yoga session. By practicing yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence and concentrate better.

We also practiced our gross motor skills by walking overstepping stones.

Its great to see kids polishing their sensory and fine motor skills by playing with the play dough.

As we had such a beautiful day we used it for a water play and sand pit play. What a great way for developing language and social skills.

Well done Emerald! 😊

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