We have had a very busy day in the Aqua space, with lots of stories, sensory experiences, creative and gross motor experiences.

Sensory and Spooky Time

We have continued to use our senses with the slime and corks. Children were able to squash the slime through their fingers, squeeze and roll it. Zoe expressed ‘it’s very soft’.

Children experimented with science as they used salt on frozen Halloween hands, to release the bugs caught inside. They became very excited when the bugs finally came out.

We have also continued to create potions for Halloween. Observing as two ingredients mix and react. Children express wonder, excitement, curiosity and imagination as they create their spells. Zachary shared ‘its melting. My spell is to make blue’ Holly’s spell was to make a rainbow. Teos make his spell to make batman.


This morning we also did some relaxation and stretching. Calming down engaging in yoga.


Children also enjoyed using their hand eye coordination to hit the ball with the club, while practising golf.

Spontaneous Experiences

Spontaneous experiences chosen by the children today were, Witch and broomstick riding.

Sand play, Dylin, Levi and Ivaan were fascinated with the sand pouring down the funnel or into the pipes. Children also enjoyed jumping from the beam or hanging out in the cubby house.

The more risks you allow children to take the better they learn to take care of themselves.  Roald Dahl.

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