What a lovely warm spring day we have had today!

We started off with the usual group times, singing our favourite songs, playing games and reading books! We followed this with our morning yoga session where to practice our bug poses, like caterpillars and butterflies!

The children love participating in yoga, it’s great for physical development, gross motor skills and balance.

Today in our Halloween craft, we got busy painting cats and mummies! The children really enjoy the sensory and creative experience of painting. They were invited to paint their own Halloween cats with the cotton swabs and black paint, whilst in the other yard they did mummy marble painting.

Have a look at our creations. J

During our free play today, the children were able to explore the garden in this beautiful weather. They played with the dinosaurs, played with the blocks, poked our spooky play dough and climbed on the climbing frame and balance beams!

We also played drums with Bonkers Beat tunes and did some beautiful crayon drawing.

Today, we welcomed our new friend, youngest and  smiley Alix. She had a good day and settled well. Welcome to the Nursery! J

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