This morning the children had lots of fun in their group times! Together we sang our favourite nursery rhymes and read some lovely books! Group times are fantastic for encouraging speech and language!

We kicked off our day with the story “Room on the broom” followed by Halloween activity. We did lots of different paintings. We painted hats with the foil and witches with the brush.

They loved playing with the keyboards and telephones. It was pleasure to see how Amelia and Caleb were role modelling adults by pressing the keys and babbling on the phone receiver!

Arno, Max and Audrey spent cheerful time together reading books in the book corner.

Water play in the sunny noon was perfect for the little Emerald group children. They enjoyed going in and out of the shallow water tray.

Kids loved exploring their room. Playing with the blocks and climbing on the jungle gym is always good idea.

Today we welcomed baby Henry. Henry loves to explore. He is settling really well.

See you tomorrow everyone at the Halloween Disco Party. Don’t forget to put on your spooky costume and come to have some fun. J

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