Welcome to the first of November!

We started our morning with a big welcome with friendly smiles, the children were excited to share their trick and treating experiences from last night.

Learning centre concentrates on creating scary art and craft as the children show big of interest in our Halloween celebrations.

. The children were invited to do a sensory and science activity consist of mixing baking soda and vinegar. First educator started to introduce them to all the ingredients, while the children got the chance to touch them and predict what was going to happen. The children had so much fun see the colours, when they added food colouring to the mix.

Today we prepared very spooky spaghetti and made scary arts work!

Tonight is Halloween and our BBC is getting spooky. We so happy about dressing up tonight (spooky costume)

BOO!  Tonight

We used our concentration and gross motor skills in Crimson yard with Nelson and Louiese.

The more risks you allow children to take the better they learn to take care of themselves.  Roald Dahl.


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