It’s a sunny day at Aqua and all the children had lots of fun outdoors. The children wore hats and sun cream while enjoying the weather.

The children went to the Crimson yard with Nelson to explore and do a gross motor activity, Nelson prepares it for them daily. The activity will benefit children in many ways. Gross Motor skills are abilities that allow children to do things that involve using the large muscles. Working on these skills helps your child gain strength and confidence, get exercise daily and to help perform everyday tasks such as walking, running and climbing.

Outside with Donna the children have started to explore the importance of keeping our bodies clean. Donna prepared a wash bath and dolls for the children to bath them.

They really enjoyed this activity. Lillian sang songs to her baby as she washed her, while Ivana said I am washing the baby’s feet. Zoe, Maddison, Laura and Sanjanaa washed then dried their doll to put their nappies on. They used fine motor skills to complete this task. After Zoe told me her baby was sick and she needed to take her to the doctor to get pink medicine. They really enjoyed this activity.

Inside lots was happening Alejandra had a group of children who enjoyed yoga with her. The children displayed cognitive skills when remembering what the pose was when Alejandra called it to them.

Inside Tima’s group was creative and made a hat for the children to wear tomorrow for the Melbourne Cup. It will be a fun day tomorrow.

Lots of creative work happening. We used forks to make marks on the paper. We also made lovely flowers with Teacher Louise.

Exploring inside with new toys was also fun today. Nelson brought a football table and Oliver and Maksym played nicely together. Levi made some lovely big lines on his paper. James relaxed with some books while Archie, Grace and Harvey O used their fine motor skills to move the balls on the Abacus from one side to the other.

What a fun Monday at Aqua today.

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