Happy Friday everyone! 😊

Group times can bring many benefits for babies and toddlers. Some of the benefits are socialisation, listening skills, attention span, fine and gross motor skills and bonding with the children.

Today, we sang songs, and read some spooky stories. Our favourite one is “There is a monster in my house”.

Here, in Emerald we are encouraging the children to participate in yoga sessions. The children love to practice different animals’ yoga poses such as frog, butterfly or dog.

During our learning centre, we continued learning about Halloween. The children then had the opportunity to paint a ghost. The children enjoyed touching the paint and spreading it all over the paper.

Outside with Robyn we made some scary mummies with the masking tape.

Kids got to enjoy lots of different activities during the free play. Henry loved playing in the sand pit whilst Max enjoyed building the towers with the blocks.

Also, as warm days are here, children have more opportunity to play with the water. Today they had a great time washing the animals.

What a beautiful day we had today! 😊

Have a good weekend and see you tonight at the Halloween Disco Party……

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