The children in Aqua have been busy exploring their space and engaging in a variety of experiences.

Today during out small groups Eva L drew the sun with lots of shinning rays and Sanjanaa drew the blue sky, while Adeline drew leaves, these were the things they could see in their environment.  Later Oliver and Zachary used the white board to draw the five little pumpkins rhyme.

We have also been looking at out families and what makes a family, creating these with little figures and box houses. Jeffrey made his family and said ‘Mummy, Daddy, Jeffrey, Grandma, Grandpa and a cat’. Zoe shared she has Baba, cat, Oliver, Grandpa, Daddy, Mummy and Zoe, before singing ‘oh Christmas tree’. Claudie shared she has a mother and a daddy. She has four people with Claudie and her brother too.

Children had the opportunity to learn about being responsible for their own health and wellbeing, through washing the dolls, drying them and changing their clothes. This encourages them to share their ideas and interact with each other while taking turns.

Children also enjoyed painting on bark today connecting with their natural environment.

Spontaneous choices by the children included, block play where the children worked together to create a fantastic building. Role playing doctors, and dancing to music.

Sandpit play and feeding the dinosaur sand, as well as the large animals and waffle blocks, where children created a zoo.


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