Happy Thursday, Aqua parents!!

Welcome to another beautiful day in the Aqua room!

Our beloved protagonists, Aqua children, gave us a show regarding sharing and taking turns when making new playdough for us to play with. Congratulations!!

What’s more, our children made some beautiful Christmas trees using shapes, did their best to do the yoga poses, and showed great listening skills in our group times. Well done!!

Random fact: Lachlan Barton is back and Frederick along with Oscar Tobin got excited to play altogether as the magnificent trio we all love to watch. Not to mention that they were selling expensive ice cream made of chocolate and vegemite.

Overall, Children had fun, learned, and extended their learnings. As for free play, children used their imagination and creativity to come up with the most surprising topics such as stories about the puzzle pieces, and a pool with no water, but with sharks.

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