We were excited to get busy with the big wooden blocks in the morning. We made cubby houses that we took turns going in. It was great to see the team work going on between everyone.

There was a lot of new books brought in today. We were excited to look at them on our own and listen to them during group times with Arturo and Helena.

We continued to express interest in the horses from Melbourne Cup. We made paper ones with Arturo and then raced them around the track in the yard.

We read an informational pop up book about animals with Amanda today during Learning Centre. As an extension of this interest, Amanda invited us to create our animals. We had bunnies, dogs, horses, a goose, and a cheetah!

We also enjoyed cooling off in the sandpit with some water play and the sharks. We also had some food being made in the sand. Lastly, we enjoyed some crazy dress ups in the room to show off our creativity.

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