Today was a beautiful Monday. The sun is shining and the children have been playing outdoors.

Outside the children played with water play. They really enjoy this activity and were eager to come to the water trough. There are a lot of benefits from exploring water play, including hand and eye coordination when they scoop and pour the water, social skills when working with another child or group as they learn to share and take turns, and sensory development. It is also a great way to introduce scientific concepts such as floating and sinking.

Inside the children participated in yoga with Alejandra. The children take their mats and start with some breathing techniques to calm their mind and body. Then they start doing some poses like the butterfly, bear, lion and more. Yoga teaches self- acceptance, it encourages healthy habits, focus and calming techniques.

The children enjoyed scooping and pouring in Crimson sand pit with Nelson and Dipti.

The children also had fun exploring numbers today. With Alejandra, Zoe could find number 5 and the 5 flowers to add to it and Eliza found number 10 and added the 10 pink flowers to it. Well done!

With Nelson, the children matched lolly sticks with the numbers. Our new friend Owen with a little help was able to find the number 6 and then added 6 sticks. Lachlan and Oscar also had fun exploring the numbers today. Well done to everyone.

We welcomed Owen and his parents to BBC today. We look forward to getting to know you!

Also, a big happy 3rd Birthday to Maddison, thank you for the lovely cupcakes.

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