What a wonderful sunny day it was today.

The children enjoyed outdoor time, climbing jumping dancing and throwing and kicking balls, and used their concentration and gross motor skills to complete physical tasks in the Crimson yard with Nelson and Louiese.

We continued looking at pictures of our families and what makes a family, creating these with little figures and box houses.

Our favourite time of the year is just around the corner (six weeks). The children enjoyed  preparing some Christmas art and craft , to decorate our room, and reading some Christmas books, including ‘Santa Koala’ by Colin Buchanan.

With Tima today, the children made green Goop/Slime! They helped Tima to pour and mix ingredients together. When the goop was ready, the children enjoyed the goop/slime with the dinosaurs and bags.

We used our concentration and gross motor skills in the Yoga corner with Louiese.

As we had sunny Friday, we used it for some water play…

Have a greet weekend 🙂

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