Happy Friday! We started our day with group time with Robyn, Jasmine and Meiting today. We sang some familiar songs and read stories. The Emerald children are enhancing their language skills, cognitive skills and concentration during group time. Good job!

Today we did a lot of activities in learning centre. The children were interested in the sounds which came from the digger, digging a hole. We decided to use the trucks to paint, and the children were intrigued by the wheel marks on the paper.

In the other yard, some children did yoga with Robyn. They moved their bodies, stretched out on the floor, and jumped on the mat to develop our gross motor skills.

Today we also did some drawing with crayons. We have so many artists in the Emerald room!

In the afternoon, we helped the babies take a bath. The children were developing their gross motor skills and self-help skills during this learning experience.

During free play time, the children enjoyed playing with the blocks, on the slide and in the sandpit. The children were also enhancing their sense of agency as they make their own choices, and learn social skills such as sharing and turn taking.




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