Today in the Aqua space we have been busy listening to stories and joining group discussions on the bush fires, and what we can do to help. Children joined together to make a bush fire painting talking about safety and all the firefighters hard at work.

With Christmas not far away, children were invited to paint plates, creating Santa hats today.  We have also created sensory trays in red and green, where children learn concepts such as volume, heavy, light, full and empty. This is a great way to enhance vocabulary and broaden concentration, creativity and social skills interacting within a small group.

Children also had the opportunity to use the monkey scales, where they choose a number and count out the matching monkeys to balance the scales. Through this they gain confidence with number recognition and 1-1 correspondence.

Spontaneous experiences today included play dough with rollers and cutters, cotton bud painting onto a tree shape and decorating a Christmas tree, where Freddy, Harvey, Eleanor and Oliver all joined together singing jingle bells.

Play is the answer to how anything new comes about – Jean Piaget

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