Its Monday again and the children started their week off playing and exploring all areas within the class.

Inside the children joined Alejandra on the yoga mats for some calm and relaxing time. The children watch their teacher and then copied the yoga pose. They love yoga and it helps refine their Flexibility and balance. It helps the children get ready for their day ahead. The children will be able to concentrate and focus more.

After yoga the children all joined on the mat as we are practicing very hard for our Christmas concert. The children use their cognitive skills when remembering the song and actions. They are trying very hard and we Aqua teachers are super proud.

Stories are a hit in Aqua room. James read his favourite book on the mat, pretending to be the teacher. Eliz and Grace sat and had story time together. Imri also enjoyed some time reading a book.

Outside the children worked as a team and made a house with the big waffle blocks. They had lots of fun working together.

Group times are full of the Christmas spirit and the children are enjoying making lots of Christmas pictures. With Louise they made Christmas trees using their fine motor skills. With Dipti they made some Christmas baubles with string. It’s great to hear the excitement within the in Aqua room about Santa coming to town.

We hope everyone had a lovely Monday!!

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