Hello Aqua parents!!!

Welcome to another amazing Thursday!!

We continued busy listening to stories and joining group discussions on the bush fires, and what we can do to help. Children continued to make a bush fire painting talking about safety and all the firefighters hard work.

With Christmas not far away, children began to rehearse our Christmas songs with some dancing moves. Children were enthusiastic about it.

We also had Julyanna, Grace and Finn O. playing as a family. Adeline shopping for money. Lachlan B., Frederick and Oscar Tobin making an orange sand cake to share among them. And many more situations in which children were able to explore their creativity, imagination and social interaction. Well done.

Some children preferred to stay inside and read books with Donna. Others wanted to explore the mystery locker box. Archibald read his favourite book “Mr. Brave”.

“I think I can. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.”

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