What a terrific Tuesday we’ve had in Emerald today! The weather was fabulous, so we spent a lot of time enjoying water play in the garden.

This morning the children enjoyed lots of group times with different educators. We read stories, sang songs and talked about what would be happening that day! Today after yoga, where the children practiced their gross motor movements and meditation, we had a special Bollywood incursion!

The children were able to experience traditional Bollywood dancing and music. The performance was captivating, and the children loved watching. They even joined in!! This incursion was a lovely way to introduce the children to different cultures and encourage dancing!

For our Christmas craft the children had fun getting messy with snowman handprints! This was a fun sensory experience that allowed the children to explore the paint with their hands! Today we also played with play dough, practicing rolling the dough with our hands! We also had far too much fun cooling down with water play!

See you tomorrow 😊

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