Happy Monday and welcome back to another week in the Emerald room!

We’ve had a lovely day with lots of fun activities. We started our day off with group time where we read lots of books, including our favourite ‘Cranky Bear’. We sang lots of songs and welcomed all our friends to the day.

Our daily yoga session was lots of fun. We stretched our bodies up high to touch the sky and down low to touch our toes! The children love yoga, it’s a great way to develop their motor skills and work on balance and coordination.

Today is Remembrance Day and the children making a beautiful collage of a poppy to remember our soldiers. This was a fun activity to work on fine motor skills and to understand more about the world around us.

It may only be November… but the Christmas craft has started in Emerald!! Today we got to work on a Christmas tree. We have also had a lot of fun dancing, playing in the sand, splashing in water and exploring our climbing equipment.

What a lovely start to the week 😊

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