What a beautiful day we had today. Children got to enjoy lots of water play and sand play.

As usual, we started our day with the group time. We sang and read beautiful stories. Group time allows children to get ready for learning in a setting which is familiar to school. They build up important skills such as whole-body listening =, increased concentration and active listening skills.

Here at BBC we encourage kids to practice healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and doing exercise such as yoga. Kids love to practice all different poses.

As we like to look after our plants, every day we invite kids to water our plants and feed our guinea pig.

Today we had interesting activity to polish our fine motor skills. Children

were invited to paint cling wrap wrapped around the table. It was nice to see

kids so engaged in such a simple activity.

Play dough is very popular tool in nursery for practicing sensory skills.

During our free play, children explored nursery. They went to drive plastic

cars play with the shakers and draw with the crayons.

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