What a lovely warm spring day we have had today!

We started off with the usual group times, singing our favourite songs, playing games and reading books. Within early childhood settings and as a part of the daily routine, group time has become a teaching strategy in order to gather children together to have discussions, read stories and sing songs.

We followed this with our usual talk about plants and how we should look after them. Saige and Isabella loved watering our plants.

Kids were invited to do some Christmas art and craft. As we read a story about Christmas, we gave them a paper plate and paint to make their own Christmas tree. They had a great time painting with the thick brush and cotton balls afterwards. The children really enjoy the sensory experience of painting.

During our free play today, the children were able to explore the garden in this beautiful weather. They played in the sand pit, drove the plastic cars  and climbed on the stepping stones.

We’ve had a lot of fun today and learnt so much! 😊

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