Happy Thursday from us in Emerald! Another beautiful sunny day and we’ve made the most of it with lots of fun activities and craft.

This morning the children enjoyed group times with Meiting and Dipti! We played games, read books about the seasons and sang our favourite nursery rhymes. Yoga this morning focused on the children’s gross motor skills, physical development and listening skills as we practiced our bug and flower poses for spring!

When we say plants, children already know what to do. They grab their water jugs and start watering the plants. It’s beautiful to see our babies so engaged in looking after our plants.

We invited children to start doing some Christmas art. With Robyn we’ve done hand print reindeer. They loved squishing the paint all over their hands. Kids couldn’t hide their smile when they saw marks on the paper.

We have also done some beautiful sand painting with Dipti. Sand painting is an art form that has been practiced in many cultures. Playing with sand improves fine motor skills, and arts and crafts are always a good way to boost imagination and cognitive ability. We had so much fun doing it.

Inside, our babies had the opportunity to explore our sensory board. Sensory board was made from different types of materials so children can feel the difference.

We also practiced our gross motor skills by dancing with our teachers and playing with the balls.

What a beautiful and fun day we had….😊

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