Welcome to another beautiful Thursday, Aqua parents!!

And here is what was on for today:

Support Community Bush Fire

Many children commented about being a smoggy morning. And once again we talked about the bush fires going on, and what we could do about it. Some children decided to build new houses for people that lost their houses due to the bush fires. Showing concern and empathy for the victims. Well done, Aqua children!!

With Christmas just around the corner, some children got the opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree today.  We also continued whit sensory trays in red and green, where children learn concepts such as volume, heavy, light, full and empty. This is a great way to enhance vocabulary and broaden concentration, creativity and social skills interacting within a small group. We were also busy in the afternoon with a variety of select activities.

On a hot day like today, children were cautious enough to play in the shade, encouraged to drink more water than usual, or simply sit down to rest a little.

Last, but not least, we have been practicing for our Christmas concert! 🙂

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