Happy Friday!!

We started our morning with a big welcome with friendly smiles , cuddles and having a quick chat about our smoggy morning and orange sun. And once again we talked about the bushfires going on, and what we could do about it. The children continued to build new houses for people that lost their houses due to the bushfires. Showing concern and empathy for the victims. Well done, Aqua children!!

The children in Aqua room love group time. The children were invited to sing and read story with Gail and Tima to further develop their language.

We continued with Christmas theme activities. The children enjoyed  sensory trays in red, green, gold and silver using colour.

We also challenged ourselves with our gross motor skills as we completed an obstacles courses around the yard!

We were also busy in the afternoon with a variety of select activities!

Last, but not least, we have been practicing for our Christmas concert!

Have a great weekend😊

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