Happy Friday and what a week we have had in Emerald!

We have had an exciting day today! We have learnt a lot about Christmas through songs, books and craft and we have had a lovely day playing together and sharing!

This morning the children enjoyed group times with Cindy, Robyn and Jasmine. Together they read their favourite books, sang their favourite songs and talked about their day ahead and Christmas!

Yoga was fun this morning! The children love to get their bodies moving with jumps and stretches. This is great for promoting gross motor skills and physical development, as well as coordination and balance. Yoga is part of our daily routine and the children are excited to join in, they particularly like to help with the yoga mats.

We got in the spirit of Christmas today with more Santa craft! We even painted our feet to make some beautiful Christmas Trees and Mistletoes … (See what we did there?). It is such a fun sensory experience to paint the children’s feet … some love it and some are so ticklish!

With the rest of our day we had fun in the sand pit and playing with water again on another warm day! What a fabulous Friday we have had! See you next week 🙂

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