Today the children started their morning with Alejandra doing yoga. The children do be very enthusiastic to join in each day. Participating has many benefits for the children. It helps develop self-acceptance, it encourages healthy habits, helps them focus and to learn calming techniques.

The children have been having so much fun practicing our Christmas songs for our concert. They show their cognitive skills when remembering the actions and words to them. Well done everyone! The children also had fun decorating the tree and Zoe and Eliza could be heard singing ‘’his name is Santa Claus’’ as they decorate.

Lots of fun Christmas crafts happening in Aqua, with Dipti the children made a reindeer with their foot prints. They used green and orange, recognising the colours by themselves. With Louise the children made a Santa boot decoration to hang on the tree. With Tima the children made their own baubles, they used their fine motor skills to manipulate their marker. What a fun festival day.

Free play is always a hit with the children, they enjoyed sand play, climbing the trees and pretending to be the monkeys on the bed. They used the balance beam for their bed and sang the song as they jumped off pretending to bump their head.

Some children used the white board to participate in a small group time, they use their fine motor skills to help them practice some writing.

What a fun filled day at Aqua.

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