It’s Monday! Welcome back to Emerald room and a special welcome to two new children … Isla and Jack.

Isla and Jack have had a lovely day settling in and making lots of new friends!

Today we started off our morning with group time, where we read books and sang songs! We’ve started singing some Christmas songs too, as Christmas is just around the corner!!

Yoga this morning was lots of fun. The children did a great job finding the mats and helping get set up before we started moving our bodies and enhancing our gross motor skills and physical development. The children look forward to our yoga routine every day!

During today’s art and craft the children were invited to glue and stick some fabulous baubles and to paint some gorgeous Christmas wreaths! They look fantastic, what a great job! These fun and sensory activities allow the children to develop their fine motor skills and cognitive development through their senses!

It’s been another hot day, so we cooled down with water play! The children love splashing around in the water!

Thanks guys for making our Monday so much fun! 🙂

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